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Weapon of Choice: A Pen - All it takes is an hour to bring down a universe or two, and all you can loose is the feeling in your fingers... (A.Quest)


So, what can you expect here? You can find here mainly my fanfictions, including some original works. I write predominantly in English, but you can find here some Czech scribbles as well (but that's mostly old works, both complete and incomplete, but I can't see myself finishing them. For one, I barely manage a CV in my maternal tongue; and for the other, they are all OC-oriented and ever since I got cursed by FF.NET I can no longer stand them in leading roles.)

Also be warned, some of my stories contain slash, or are mentioning it in some roundabout way, so please read the warnings for the stories before flaming.

On another note, the section Gallery contains some of my old and new pictures, photos, scans and other doodles, so feel free to visit. You can use the images as you see fit as long as you credit-link them back to me.
Anyway, enjoy your stay.

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2014-02-14 Writing conquered
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G: Scans - My OC's
Náhodná čmáranice mých originálních postav + S. Snape :D
W: It Started with a Kiss #2
W: By Blood, By Heart #4
W: Beyond the Dark #2
It Started with a Kiss (nová povídka)
Vím, že nemám začínat nové povídky, než dokončím ty, co už mám... Ale já bych to potom zapomněla! :D Tak tady jsou dvě kapitoly na start, ať vím, co to mělo být... Uznávám, že moje současná povídková priorita číslo jedna je zatím nepojmenovaná, ale to neznamená, že netvořím :D
W: By Blood, By Heart #3


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