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Lost Fanfictions
I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem:

You read a fic, then you close the tab and say to yourself: gonna check this tommorow, maybe there will be a new chapter. But when the day comes, you happily open new tab, go to the archive and then you freeze. WTF? How was the fic called? Who wrote it… Damn, was it even this site? Where was it published really?… And as easy as that, you lost a fiction you wanted to read and now it bothers you because you really liked it, but as hell wanted it, you simply can’t remember.

Well, this is my WANTED POSTER for such fics that I’ve forgotten and hopefully someone else remembers :D A/N: Help needed, and any pointers appreciated!!!


archive: fanfiction.net
fandom: Harry Potter
characters: Severus Snape, Harry Potter
title: UNKNOWN
author: UNKNOWN
genre: for some reason I’m sure it was cathegorized as “suspense” at the time
warnings: it was a slash (remember kissing scene)

memorized facts:

- it’s a Post-Hogwarts fic
- it starts when Harry is under an effect of POTION or CURSE that works as direct opposite of Veritaserum. He can only speak while answering a direct question and in this case he’s forced to tell a lie
- at the beginning of the story, Harry lives or stays with Ron and Hermione (RW/HG – established relationship)
- Harry goes for help to Snape (antagonistic relationship att) and after a while Snape figures what happened and helps to alleviate the Anti-Veritaserum (not sure if he cured it completely, but remember that he gave Harry a potion that enabled him to speak even without spoken to)
- Harry (not sure about other canon characters, but there’s a team of them) is looking for someone; I think it was a criminal of sorts or maybe the person that cursed/poisoned him in the first place
- during an investigation of some house, they’re forced to hide for a bit, and Harry ends up with Snape in the same wardrobe/cupboard(?) and there’s a kissing scene; interrupted when others stop hiding and disturb them


archive: UNKNOWN
fandom: Harry Potter
title: UNKNOWN
author: UNKNOWN
genre: UNKNOWN
warnings: I remember the author warning about possible SSHP pairing, but at the time the story never progressed to that point

memorized facts:

- Harry and Hermione are spending summer together (at least a part of it); possibly at Grimmauld Place
- there’s a shopping in Diagon Alley, during which Harry obtains new wardrobe, hairstyle and such. Harry goes to a tattoo/piercing parlour and has a tattoo made. It’s in Parseltongue, and he obtains it in exchange for scripting some typical-tattoo-words in Parseltongue for the owner
- Hermione gets the tattoo later on as well
- Harry and Hermione secretly – well, without consulting with anyone – undergo some blood ritual that makes them brother and sister. Hermione undergo changes, remember her hair straightening and I think her eye colour went from hazel to Harry’s emerald green, not 100% sure about that one though…
- both Harry and Mione are going to attend their final year and both of them are to be Head Boy/Girl respectively
- at the welcoming feast, Dumbledore reminds of the old tradition (i think) of resorting and both Harry and Mione go for it
- both of them are resorted to Slytherin
- they have a shared “apartment” (2 rooms + shared living room), the rooms are bare and they have to decorate it from the scratch, tranfiguring almost everything. I have a feeling that Mione goes for one colour – her favourite – and I think it was pink
- first day of classes they wear matching clothing (matching as colour matching)
- somewhere along the way Draco appears
- I think there was a mention of tutoring schedule in Slytherin common room
- Snape has a talk with both Head Boy/Girl and he behaves reasonably (not like Harry’s previous experiences with Snape’s hateful attitude)